Trump Taxes Bibles

From RNS: “China tariffs could lead to a ‘Bible tax’ in the US, say Christian publishers.” This is another unintended consequence of Trump’s actions. If you don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re too arrogant to listen to experts, this happens a lot. In this case, it won’t have much impact on his key evangelical followers, since they already have Bibles, and besides, they rarely read them. (But they are fond of giving Bibles as presents, so they may notice it.)

But in other cases, like breaking a treaty with Iran, it matters a lot more. Now Iran is pushing forward on weapons and military fronts, and they’re angry since embargoes are strangling their economy. Trump is on the verge of stumbling into yet another war in the Middle East. He still hasn’t closed the book on George W. Bush’s fiascos, but he seems to want one of his own for his reelection campaign.


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