Sex Abuse Scandal in Boy Scouts

CP, an evangelical newspaper, reports: “12,000 Boy Scouts members were victims of sexual abuse from thousands of leaders, expert says.” Shocking though this may be, it makes sense that pederasts would be drawn to positions that would give them both access and influence over groups of boys. A key question is how this secular institution compares to the Roman Catholic Church. Strangely, CP simply ignores this issue.

These are the key facts: from 1944 through 2016, Boy Scout records indicate that 7,819 scout leaders sexually abused 12,254 victims. We are not given the relevant population figures for either scout leaders or scouts, but this almost certainly represents a very small percentage of both populations over the indicated time period.

I suspect that the incidence rate of abuse in the Boy Scouts is significantly lower than that of the Catholic Church. Nothing is said about the nature of the abuse, and I suspect the incidence of rape is higher in the Church. But even if the incidence of criminal activities is comparable in both frequency and severity, there is a world of difference between the secular and religious institutions,

The Boy Scouts removed “thousands of offenders of childhood sexual abuse” in that time period – clearly a large percentage of known abusers. During the comparable period, the Catholic Church removed almost none of their pederast priests. Until recently, their policy was to ship them to new parishes, sometimes after sending them to special “treatment” centers (none of which were effective and few of which were even credible).

Neither the Boy Scouts nor the Catholic Church contacted the legal authorities. But the Boy Scouts made a serious attempt to protect their young flock. On the other hand, the Catholic Church only attempted to protect their clergy. When threatened with legal suits, the Church tried to suppress information about clerical sex abuse, requiring non-disclosure agreements from victims as a precondition for settlements.

Thus the “divinely guided” Catholic Church only acted to protects its clerics, while the secular Boy Scouts made a serious attempt to weed out sex abusers. The Church also implemented a Code of Silence, and punished whistleblowers far more harshly than pederasts. It succeeded. Their priests- “brides of Christ” – shamefully suppressed these atrocities.

This helps explain why the Catholic media failed to cover this story. When it comes to child abuse, no institution comes close to matching their immorality.


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