Polish Court Orders Church to Hand Over Evidence

From Reuters: “Court orders Polish Church to hand over pedophilia file.” Despite Pope Francis’ repeated cries of transparency, the Church continues to stonewall legal authorities. The case in question goes back to reign of Pope John Paul II, who was especially close to the Polish Church. The Polish Church says they gave the data to the Vatican, and therefore do not need to give it to the Polish authorities.

There is no doubt that the Vatican is aware of the situation: “The order came two days before the Vatican’s leading sexual abuse investigator, Archbishop Charles Scicluna, was due to visit Poland to train senior clergy on how to tackle the problem, prompting hopes for greater empathy toward victims.” It is inconceivable that Scicluna was unaware of this. Scicluna would not have told the Polish Church to withhold the evidence unless someone in the Vatican told him to.

Despite innumerable claims to the contrary, the Catholic Church keeps on covering up evidence of its criminality. It seems they can’t help themselves. However, neither media, governments, nor the general public holds them accountable.


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