ecover150 Some Facts about Paul your Pastor or Priest Never Mentioned

 - Paul's private resurrected Christ contradicted Jesus about salvation and other essential doctrines and practices. He also flip-flopped and contradicted himself. Paul repeatedly violated his own gospel, even in ways he said were damnable.

 - Paul's Corinthian church proudly committed every sort of immorality, including homosexual sex and even incest.

 - Paul circumcised Timothy with his own hand, even though that violated his gospel.

 - Paul said he was from the tribe of Benjamin, even though it disappeared hundreds of years before he was born, after the Babylonian captivity.

 - Paul repeatedly said he was a Pharisee, even though he didn't know the Hebrew Bible, the only text the Pharisees used. Paul only knew the Greek translation. Based on Paul's profile, the odds are millions to one against his ever having been a Pharisee.

- Paul spoke of undergoing many perils, including jail, shipwrecks, lashings by synagogues, and beatings by Roman officials. Luke, his biographer, knew nothing of this, or simply contradicted him.

- According to Luke, it took Paul more than a decade after his miraculous conversion before he started his mission to the Gentiles.

- Paul not only contradicted the standard story of his miraculous conversion, he gave two contradictory accounts of this miraculous event.

- Paul said the end was near, but raised money for the poor for almost a decade before even attempting to deliver it.

- Why was Luke too embarrassed to mention Paul's collection for the poor, even though it was central to Paul's mission?

- After Paul reached Rome, he had enough cash to purchase housing that only the wealthiest one percent could afford.

- Only the elite like Cicero, Seneca, and Pliny were letter-writers. Even businessmen earning far more than Paul could not afford it.

- Tent-makers and other artisans only earned a subsistence wage. Paul repeatedly lied about supporting hmself in his workshop, and got caught at it as well.

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