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Jesus appeared to Middle Eastern Muslim every night, recited entire Gospel of John.” According to megachurch pastor David Platt, this Muslim “lives and works in a part of the Middle East where, not only is it illegal to share the Gospel, it’s life-threatening to talk about how the Gospel is advancing.” CP reports that Jesus is now seizing control.

It is important to note that Jesus is reciting the Gospel of John. Virtually all New Testament scholars will tell you that if you want to find the authentic teachings of Jesus, that’s the wrong place to look. The first three (synoptic) Gospels contain far more of Jesus’ teaching. Many scholars believe that few if any of the statements attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John are authentic. But this evangelical Jesus appearing to a Muslim only teaches John – which happens to be the most favored evangelical Gospel.

I’m surprised CP hasn’t reported that Jesus proclaimed that Donald Trump is the Chosen One – just as Trump claimed.


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