Many Catholics Consider Leaving

Jason Berry in NCR

Jim Bakker Returns on CP

French Cardinal Convicted- A Warning

About Cardinal Pell

After the Summit

Pope Francis says “Evil’s Days are Numbered”

Cardinal Pell Appeals Conviction

A Key Event from the Summit

The Party’s Over

United Nations Pursues Church and Italy on Child Abuse

The Wings of the Summit

Pope Francis Pulls a Rabbit from his Hat

Pope Francis Flips Out

Trump Generates Great Growth in Hate Groups

Bombshell Exposé of Vatican

The Defrocking of Cardinal McCarrick

Abuse Scandal in Mexico

Southern Baptists Big-Time Abusers

John Allen to the Rescue - Again

CP Attacks Trump

RNS on Catholic Shame

CRUX on Child Abuse Accusations

Religion and Happiness

Push for Bible Classes in Public Schools

Pope Francis Walks Back 30 Years

Pope Francis Goes Digital, Reforms PR

More on Women as Deacons

Social Media and Fake News

Women and the Catholic Church – A Twofer

Digby on Recent Trump Poll

Italian Bishops Ignore Victims

NCR Dumps on Pope Francis and his Pastor

Catholic Relief Service Cuts Relief ServicesPope’s Pastor in Bishops’ Prayer Session

Megachurch Pastor Rejects Ten Commandments

Church Finds Another Reason to Ignore Abuse Charges

Former Members of Papal Commission Suggest Changes

NCR Reprints Letter from Victims’ Group

Clergy Less than Trusted than Ever

Pope Writes Letter to U.S. Bishops

Vatican’s #2 on Child Abuse

Prosperity Gospel as Upper

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