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Rick Warren on Dangers to Christmas

Big News from Illinois

Anne Graham Lotz Reads her own Entrails

Germany Prosecutes Catholic Church

Priests with Balls

Yoga has ‘Demonic Roots’

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Parliament of World Religions Criticizes Trump

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New Scam from Clergy

New Poll about Pope Francis

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Pope Francis: Don’t Do a Thing!!

Catholic Academics on the Abuse Crisis

Good Article by Alexander Stille

Socialism and PRRI Value Study

Washington State Legislator Declares Holy War

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Vatican uses Sovereignty to Obstruct Justice

Reflections on New Catholic Bible

Christian Post on new Values Survey

Hong Kong Cardinal Questions Vatican’s China Treaty

Scotland, too

Pope Reveals Inside Information about Satan

The Young are Ditching Religion for Astrology and Tarot Cards

Wisdom from the Pope’s Deputy in the Fight against Satan

Review – The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton

Head of Vatican’s Commission for the Protection of Minors Finally Does Something

New Trends in Paganism

Pope Francis creates new doctrine of Evil

Christian Post publisher is indicted for fraud

Are Religious Groups given Preference over other Non-Profits?

NCR on Archbishop Romero

CP gets one right about Jesus

Memoirs of an ex-evangelical

Pope Francis Offers New Solution

Barna on Lying and other Issues

Vatican attacks Whistle Blower

Pope Francis versus Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton on Education

Church to Flock: ‘Screw You!!’

Pope Francis claims Progress on Child Abuse

Evangelical Leader Asks God to Interfere with FBI Investigation

Pope Francis says Church under Satan’s influence

Head of Canada’s Catholic Church – Let it Burn

More Details on German Abuse Report

New Pew Survey about Catholics

John Allen on the Pope’s Deal with China

Germany, Brooklyn, and Beyond

Trump and the Reporting of Rape

It’s Not Only Boys!

Sex Abuse at Willow Creek

Most Dutch Bishops are Felons

Bishop offers solution to abuse crisis

Results of Papal Meeting with U.S. Bishops

Evangelicals Oppose Hurricane Florence

Pope Francis Summons Bishops to Fight Child Abuse

Catholic Church Hides Assets and Screws Victims

Vox on the Jewish High Holy Days

Vox Coverage of the Grand Jury Report

Here’s What the Catholic Church is Really Scared of

Vatican Attacks Prosperity Gospel: III. Pope Francis and the Prosperity Gospel

Vatican Searching for Good News in Ireland

NY Times Interviews Attorney General who Prosecuted Church

‘Monsignor Meth’ Busted Again

Founder of Catholic Online going to Jail

More Crap from CRUX

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Testimony of Abuse Victims

Cardinal Obeso - Victims had it coming to them!

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Pennsylvania Releases Abuse Report

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Richard Sipes, RIP

Sex Abuse, Protestant Style

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It takes a lot to fire a bishop

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Pope Francis Flunks Transparency Again

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