John Allen on Vatican Finances

Kathy Shaw Obituary

A Revolution in Paradigm Shifts

Consequences of “Religious Freedom”

New Trends in Religious Freedom

New International Group on Church Abuse Victims

Porn Becoming Morally Acceptable

World Governments Play Catch-up

Pope and Patriarch in Folie à Deux

Church Rewrites History of Birth Control

Pope Proposes Excluding Active Gays from Seminaries

Vatican Doubles Down on Birth Control as Mortal Sin

New Vatican Attack on Capitalism

Evangelical Guru – Screw the Old Testament

Evangelicals Tout Trump’s New Executive Order

An Inside Look at the Papal Child Abuse Commission

RNS Provides a History Lesson

Review – The Greatest Prayer by John Dominic Crossan

Cardinal Pell to Stand Trial for Child Abuse

Canada Attacks Pope Francis and Vatican

Liberty University No Longer Number One

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Digby on Evangelical Support for Trump

New Gallup Study on Protestants and Catholics

Huge Increase in Hate Crimes

Archbishop Chaput Turns Back the Clock

More Miracles from Pope John Paul

Update on New Nigerian Bishop of Ahiara

Hell and Pope Francis

Police Raid Bishop

New Book by Crossan on Easter

“Don’t say we haven’t done anything about child abuse!”

Vatican Fraudulently Alters Testimony

New Study on Attitudes of Rural America

New Pew Survey on Pope Francis

Archbishop Chaput Demagogues Again

New Concern for Vatican

Brits Flunk Religion

Did Pope Francis Back Down in Nigeria?

Evangelicals were Communist Dupes

Pope Renews and Reshapes Child Abuse Commission

Abuse of Power – A Reminder

Catholic Colleges and Universities Dispense with Truth

Effects of Child Sex Abuse

News from Barna

Pope Francis Lied about Zero Tolerance

Cardinal Exposes Pope Francis’ Lies

More Pious Idiocy from the Copelands

More on Jesus as Magician

Protests against Ken Copeland

The Death of Catholic Schools in America

RNS on “Freak Show” Preachers

NCR Dumps on Pope Francis

Review – The Fall of the Evangelical Nation, Christine Wicker

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Jesus and the Money Changers 5. A Symbolic Act

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Catholic Homes and Orphanages

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