Pontifical Preacher Urges “Spiritual Intoxication”

Catholic World News reported on a sermon by the preacher of the pontifical household, Father Raniero Cantalamessa (here). Father Cantalamessa exhorted Catholics to seize the gospel and abandon reason:

The world has become so averse to the gospel, so sure of itself, that only the “strong wine” of the Spirit can overcome its unbelief and draw it out of its entirely human and rationalistic sobriety, which passes itself off as “scientific objectivity.”

He said that “spiritual intoxication,” much like ordinary intoxication, overwhelms the mind and reason. But spiritual intoxication improves the mind, raising it to a higher level than reason. (Like speaking in tongues?) If this is true, why did Pope Francis exhort scientists to solve the problem of global warming (here)? Why can’t he and his spiritually intoxicated colleagues use their superior mental processes to solve the problem? Why haven’t they made any breakthroughs in green energy? Why no medical breakthroughs? How is it that the state of the art in spiritually guided family planning is the rhythm method?

Neither the National Catholic Reporter nor CRUX carried this story. Since it was only the pontifical preacher rather than the pontiff himself, they probably felt they could ignore this embarrassing, triumphalist drivel.

The pontifical preacher delivered one of the basic messages of the Catholic Church: Abandon reason and have the faith to swallow whatever crap we serve you.

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