The 2016 Coughlin Award

Pope Francis Wants Peace on Earth – Sometimes

The War on Christmas

Obama Signs New Religious Freedom Act

Pontifical Preacher Urges “Spiritual Intoxication”

New Vatican Site on “Protection of Minors”

Church Kills 160

 Religion Dispatches on Trump’s Picks

Exodus in Latin America

Latin American Exodus-Part 2

The Pope Prays for Science

Catholic Church Accused of Defrauding Norway

Catholic Schools in New York City

Pope Puts Down God

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Spotlight – A Review

Diversity of Catholic Church in America

A Note on the Index of Forbidden Books

Papal Encyclicals I

Mike Pence – The Adult in the Room?

Closing the Barn Door

White evangelicals, Catholics and Mormons carried Trump

Pope Francis Vetoes Women Priests

Pope Francis on Reformation Day

Pope Francis Reformation Interview II

Reformation Day III

Cardinal Dolan’s New Victim Fund

Update - NCR on Dolan’s Victim Program

Evolution and the Bible Belt

Orthodox vs Ultra-Orthodox in Israel

 Cardinals in Vatican Find Cause Worth Fighting For

Barna’s Evangelicals and Trump

Pope Picks New Cardinals

Religious Ripoff of the Public

Demagogues for Donald Trump

At Mosque, Pope Condemns Holy Wars

Seidel on the Supreme Court

Decentralized Universal Catholic Church

There’s Something Happening Here

Blasphemy Day from Freethought Now

attack of the nones

pope condemns holy wars

religion worth over $1 Trillion

Revising Pope Benedict

Pope Condemns Princes of the Church

Mother Teresa and Phyllis Schlafly

New Case of Resurrection

Pope Nixes Peace-making

Ecumenical Sexual Misconduct

China and Christianity – A Follow-up

Chinese war on Christians

Biblical Literalism I - Barna Survey

Shameful Religious Persecution

Biblical Literalism II - In the beginning

Vatican Gardens

fraud and waste in government

Religious Freedom Report by State Department

eclipse of white christian america

Pew Report on Religion in Everyday Life

Review-Karen Armtrong\'s Bible

The Meeting is the Message


PRRI/Brookings 2-leader


Witchcraft and Christianity

Some Thoughts on the Reason Rally

People in Glass Houses

Hat Tip to the Southern Baptists

The Vatican's Exorcists

The Pope\'s Joy of Love

NPR on Evangelicals

Barna Update - 3/29/16

bait and switch evangelicals

Evangelicals and America

Freedom of Thought Report

The Pope and Donald Trump

More Lofty Morality

Pope Francis and Pederasty - An Update (2/7 & 2/9)

Review- The Francis Miracle by John Allen

wills-Why I am a Catholic

A Brief History of Christmas



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