peter hermitage2About Steve Herman

Steve Herman, PhD, did interdisciplinary research in a number of fields, including a stint in Bell Labs. After retiring in the mid-1990s, he became curious about the uproar concerning the imminent end of the world, and the prophetic books about it that were littering the best-seller list. Eventually, he came to read the sources, and much of the New Testament.

The letters of Paul produced an aroma far different than the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. They did not pass the sniff test. Mr. Herman had revelations about the sources of the problem, and did extensive research to verify them. This was surprisingly difficult, as New Testament scholars and their brethren had gone to remarkable lengths to suppress and misrepresent the facts. These "scholars" were totally unlike any researchers he had encountered, valuing religious ideals more highly than facts, reason, and intellectual integrity. The brethren maintain a code of silence for misconduct in the defence of Paul that makes the Cosa Nostra envious. Paul Revealed summarizes this material.

The portrait by El Greco was intended to depict St. Peter, but it does an amazingly good job of identifying Mr. Herman, who channeled Peter, revealing facts and theories that had been suppressed for nearly two millennia.

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