Pope Caves to Chinese

NCR headline: “Vatican issues guidelines on clergy registration in Communist China.” Pope Francis is telling Catholic priests in China to “use your conscience” in deciding whether or not to register with the Chinese government. However, registering violates doctrines that all previous popes have required.

As reporter Charles Collins noted - unlike other religious reporters- priests must register with the “Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, a creature of the Communist government which the Vatican has always maintained is incompatible with Catholic doctrine.” Needless to say, the Vatican is doing their best to disguise the truth.

If priests and bishops can use their conscience to violate Catholic doctrine, why not allow married priests? Why not allow female priests?

Violating doctrines and principles is only allowed when it is expedient. Today, only Africa and parts of Asia have growing Catholic membership. In the Western world, Catholicism has tanked and continues to do so. The article notes that China currently has about 10-12 million Catholics, a miniscule portion of China's population of about 1 ¼ billion.

Like other businessmen before him, Pope Francis lusts after its huge potential market. Like previous businessmen, he is willing to sacrifice principles, and even money, to have a shot at this market. I suspect that like the vast majority of prior businessmen, he will fall on his face. Only a fool could believe that the utility of Catholic Church’s product is so much greater than the alternatives that it will catch on like smart phones or PCs.


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