Vatican Produces News in Latin

An announcement from the Catholic News Service- “Vatican News to launch news program, podcast in Latin”: “Hebdomada Papae (The Pope’s Week), will be aired, starting June 8, every Saturday and rebroadcast Sundays on Vatican Radio’s Italian channel. It also will appear as a podcast on the website.”

The Catholic Church spends a great deal of money on Vatican Radio. It is intended not only for zealous Catholics, but also to attract non-Catholics. Outside of classics scholars, how many non-Catholics know Latin? While some Catholics still pound the table for Latin Masses, how many Catholics can actually understand spoken Latin?

I am sure there are much greater wastes of money. For example, I am sure that far greater sums are spent on palaces for cardinals and bishops, and fewer probably benef from such royal accommodations than the projected audience for The Pope’s Week. But these palaces are traditional; many are centuries old. Given limited funds, the urgent needs of both Catholic and non-Catholic poor, not to mention compensation for abuse victims – something the Vatican never contributes toward, even when their local branches screw the victims- it takes a very special sort of mind to prioritize investment in a Latin news program.  


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