Michael Brown Flunks his Christianity Test

After proclaiming “whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is the one who does not love his brother,” [see “The Synagogue Shooter was Not a Christian”] Michael Brown immediately returns to hate-mongering – “Why Time magazine and the left love Pete Buttigieg.” While gay-bashing is his main theme, he is also eager to defend the “white male.”

Brown is irate that Time magazine put Buttigieg on its cover:

Why this exaltation of a fairly obscure, outlying political figure?


Could it be that he’s a white male?


If anything, that would be a disqualifying factor for a Democratic presidential candidate today,

Not content with mere gay-bashing, Brown also plays the racial card, claiming that the Democratic party rejects white males. Democrats are just a bunch of queers and N-lovers!

Not only does he claim Buttigieg is an “obscure, outlying political figure,” he also claims he is unqualified. “Why has he become the darling of the left? It’s because he is gay.”

Wikipedia’s biography of him looks impressive to me. Here’s the opening lines:

Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg ( ˈbuːtɪdʒədʒ/ BOOT-ih-jəj; born January 19, 1982) is an American former naval intelligence officer who has been the mayor of South Bend, Indiana since 2012.


Buttigieg graduated from Harvard College and, on a Rhodes Scholarship, from Pembroke College, Oxford. From 2007 to 2010, he worked at McKinsey and Company, a management strategy consulting firm. From 2009 to 2017, Buttigieg served as an intelligence officer in the United States Navy Reserve, attaining the rank of lieutenant and deploying for the War in Afghanistan in 2014.


Buttigieg was first elected mayor of South Bend in 2011 and was reelected in 2015. During his tenure as mayor, Buttigieg's policies were widely credited with significantly spurring economic growth and business investment.

A Harvard grad, a Rhodes scholar, a consultant at McKinsey, and a Navy intelligence officer is a pretty impressive start. He then was mayor of his home town for nearly a decade, and is “credited with significantly spurring economic growth and business investment.” This is particularly impressive since nationwide, business investment was down.

Needless to say, Michael Brown makes no attempt to review Buttigieg’s accomplishments or policies, suggesting instead that he has none: “Do we even know his policies?” He just goes on a tirade of gay-bashing, and concludes with a tribute to traditional marriages – one of the few accomplishments his readers can claim. Unlike Buttigieg, many of Brown’s evangelical readers can even claim multiple marriages.

At least Mr. Brown left out the biblical commandment of death by stoning. That was mighty white of him.


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